We are getting closer and closer to our goal of finishing our book!  We wanted to share a little bit more about what out book is about.  Watch below for our story!

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Today marks 22 years of marriage and to many more! #keeprollingon

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We share our stories not so you know what we've been through, but so you're not afraid to share your own. Tell us, what's your story?

Posted by The Wheels of Grace on Monday, February 22, 2016

How I Decided to Write a Book

      I never thought about being a writer, it wasn’t a dream of mine until I realized it was a secret dream that I had yet to discover. The summer after I graduated college I remained in my college town living in an apartment with my...
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Welcome to The Wheels of Grace! Hi, I am Ashley and I have two incredible parents with very unique stories. We created this blog to help share their story. Well I actually created this blog, but they have been somewhat helpful along the way. If you want to know...
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Growing up with a Dad in a Wheelchair

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              In November Sergio asked me what kind of gift I would like for Christmas.  I quickly responded that I did not want any gifts this year.  I had already decided in my heart that I truly did not need a thing and...
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What Family Means to Me

Family The people who are forced to be in your life because you are bound by blood. Only that isn’t always the case. My family is filled with people that do not share my blood, and I do not share theirs. There are other family members that do share my blood and...
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Keep Rolling On

After a 13 hour hike and long ride home I was exhausted to the point where I could’ve fallen asleep standing up.  All I could think about was a warm shower and my bed.  In the back seat of the car my youngest complained that she was hungry and we had just...
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