Welcome to The Wheels of Grace!

Hi, I am Ashley and I have two incredible parents with very unique stories. We created this blog to help share their story. Well I actually created this blog, but they have been somewhat helpful along the way.

If you want to know about us and how we got to this point read the page Our Story to learn about Norah and Sergio’s lives. Then visit the About Us page to read our individual stores.

This blog is really about them and their lives, but since I did all the work creating it there was no way I would let them leave me out of it.

We are writing a book that will share their story more in depth. I have high ambitions that by winter I will have it written to a point that I can call it decent enough to share with friends. I have every intention of getting it published the traditional way, but I do anticipate it will take months and months of getting to that point. As of now I am satisfied with my progress, but in no way ready to share with others. For now all of our sharing will be done with this blog.

Things about me:
I love to read. I am usually reading at least two or three books at a time. Usually the books are in different genres so it would be impossible to get them confused or intertwine the plots. Since I am writing a memoir, I read those the most. I love reading real stories about real people. Fiction books give me inspiration, and make me a better writer. I enjoy non-fiction books, but I can never sit and read them chapter after chapter. I think that is why I read at least two books at once. Non-fiction books give me insight to the world, but I like it in small doses.

I am a researcher at heart. I can’t stand not knowing something. If I find an interest in a topic I have to read every book written, visit every website, seek out every expert. Deciding to start a blog fed into my desire to research. I have downloaded every free app about blogging. Downloaded every free, and paid for some books on my Kindle about blogging and creating a website. I have visited countless blogs for inspiration. I am like this in almost every aspect of my life. If I watch a movie the moment it is over I have my phone out Googling the movie title. I read everything I can about the movie, how it was developed, how the plot line was created, how the actors were casted, and other random facts. I am the same way with TV shows. I cannot read a book with out immediately visiting the author website, and Goodreads for books reviews. I cannot purchase a product online without searching through product reviews. I find that Amazon product reviews are very amusing and I often find witty writers there. I clearly have an internet problem, but as does the rest of the world.

I can be a bit intense and I am filled with random facts about a wide variety of topics. I have an impeccable memory. Sometimes people mistake me for smart, but honestly I just remember everything. The hardest part about remembering everything is
1. People think I am a know-it-all.
2. People have a tendency to share the same stories, over and over.
3. People constantly misquote movies. “Luke I am your father” is not what Darth Vader says.

I can be a control freak and my poor parents have to deal with me constantly bossing them around. In my defense they asked me to be a part of their journey to share their story. Sometimes I think they wished they didn’t ask me because of my attributes I just mentioned. However, they should not be surprised by any of them because they are the ones who raised me. I would argue that the way I am is their fault. I know they appreciate my intensity and wouldn’t have it any other way. I have done a lot of work on this website and their book, but it honestly never feels like work. It feels the thing I should be doing, like I was meant for this. Obviously this is just the start for us and we have a long, but rewarding road ahead of us. We hope that you will join us in our journey.

I love coffee.
I love to drink it black.
I love it with cream and sugar.
I love it with cream only.
I love it with sugar only.
I love it iced.
I love lattes.
I love iced lattes.
I love Americanos. I especially love them iced, with extra ice.
I love all coffee with the exception of coffee at a gas station that dispenses through a machine in which you push a button and a puff of powder followed by hot water pours into your cup and requires you to stop pushing the button at ¾ of the way full…but I mean I’ll drink it if I have to.

Come back and visit our website to hear from Norah and Sergio!

I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment telling us what you think about our blog!


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